Store Window Models Are Alive

Andorra 2022

Street Photography is very difficult. Limiting myself to black and white photography helps me focus on the story, light and composition.

Sometimes, you stumble upon an interesting scene. You wait until something happens.

In this photo, the potential was high to get a keeper. However, the gesture of the kid is amazing and the women setting up the store windows are perfectly placed.

Smooth Layers

Andorrà, February 2022

Trying to figure out the wonderful lens Noctilux 0.95 by Leica, I think it’s the first time I really observe the famous Leica 3D Pop.
Maybe that’s not it. The debate on this topic seems endless

Anyways, I like how this lens brings in depth to the image. Especially when several layers are included, there is a smooth transition on different zones of the image.

Dancing In The Street

Thuir, France Fall 2021

I wish the dancing man was facing me, but the older gentleman suggest a different story.
Street Photography in Black & White fills up my portfolio. Professionals told me to publish only my best pictures. How can I do that when my best image is always the next one. Instead of a traditional portfolio, I am sharing what crosses my lens and gave me great pleasure to make.
My training is more traditional with drawing and painting. Like the great Henri Cartier Bresson once said « a photo is a drawing in 1/250th of a second).

Hang On Little One

Thuir, France December 2021

I don’t know who said « F8 and be there » but that’s what happened here.
my goal was to watch out for subject separation. I don’t like when subjects are melted into each other’s, unless it’s on purpose.
The little girl behind the fence is the good surprise I didn’t plan.

Why So Serious?

Perpignan, France, Summer 2021

Quai Vauban offers a very cool perspective for Street Photography. Find a spot and wait for the right subject to come by.
In this cas, I was walking by and saw this great character. It was pure luck that the canal offered a nice perspective in the background. Icing on the cake is the giant plastic butterfly hanging above the water.

Street Photography in Perpignan France 2021

Spring On The Beach

First day on the beach in Canet Plage, France 2021.

Chasing Masks

My take on the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020 and 2021 is about candid portraits with masks on.

The following photos were taken in Andorra.

Humans of Singapore

Stopping by Singapore is a must when travelling to South-East Asia.

Here is what I saw in the spring of 2019

Yellow Vests Riot in France

Toulouse, France December 1st, 2018

In the lovely city of Toulouse, located in the South West of France, a peaceful Yellow Vests protest turned into a riot.

Here is what I saw.


Like most photographers, I don’t like to see myself on a picture.
However, putting myself in the frame feels like an important part of my journey to find my style.

Laurent Bourrelly selfie in Perpignan 2020
Perpignan 2020

Laurent Bourrelly selfie in Paris 2019
Paris 2019
Perpignan 2021